We gain a deeper experience ourselves through Meditation, then use Crystals to take our practice to another level. Our guide through all this is Kyle Russell – veteran of 30 years – working with Crystals through CrystalConcentrics.comPowerStoneCrystals.com, and now the Portal Crystal Gallery.

What makes this unique as well – is that we check in with attendees – and there is Sharing. It’s a very supportive community experience.

Email Kyle@PortalCrystalGallery.com with any questions.

Preregistration is required. Entry is $30. Scroll down to register through the Ticket URL below.

Purchase tickets here:BUY TICKETS HERE

We have a huge selection of mineral specimens and jewelry (even an Art gallery!) ~ as well as variety of other events we host (Reiki, Womens Nights, etc.) ~ you can see what’s coming up here: https://PortalCrystalGallery.com/Events/

Get onto our Portal Crystal & Art Gallery mailing list here: http://bit.ly/PORTALNEWS

Or call Kyle at the shop (open noon till 5pm+ daily) at 781-859-5397 for more info!

We observe the “Movie Theater Policy” on cancellations. If we have to reschedule, we’ll honor your entry fee at another time. But if you have to reschedule, we cannot credit your account or refund you. The reason for this is that we put so much energy into promotion – up until 2+ weeks before it all happens – then afterwards, we need to focus on delivering content (not filling vacancies). Thanks for understanding, and most of all, for attending!

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