Thanks for your interest in the Crystal Concentrics Circle membership program

members-salesAs our Crystal Community widens, there are only so many hours in the day to answer questions and support the Crystal Lovers who approach me. So I've created this Membership Program for YOU - to focus more energy on folks who are really interested in integrating Crystal Consciousness into their Daily Lives.

My mission is make the Language of Crystals accessible - provide and foster the search for deeper knowledge, and foster your health and well being - on an individual and planetary level.

- Kyle Russell
Founder of Crystal Concentrics & Power Stone Crystals

Join the Crystal Concentrics Circle

Membership is for you if:
• you're open to, or have experience with Crystals
• you want to Learn more, and put them to use in your Life
• you're interested in being part of a likeminded Community
• you're serious about Spirituality, and want more of it in your Life
• you're willing to spend less than a dollar a day making it all happen!

List of Benefits:

Build your Crystal Community - Connect with Me and other Members!

Members Only Contact and Access

One of the ways we'll connect each month, will be through a  virtual Meditation, online, and via webinar format. This unique offering is not available at all to non-Members. We'll focus on certain topics - also jumping off from wherever you might be, in the moment - to craft a relaxing and transformative experience (every time!).

More conversational, this second type of gathering virtually, will broach new topics monthly, including instructional delivery, Q&A, and discussion. Get and give advice, share the learning, and have fun with your fellow Crystal lovers!

How about a place to share your own images, thoughts, and feelings - in real time! Most of us are on Facebook a lot anyhow, so what better opportunity to interact on the regular, and have live feedback from Crystal Concentrics founder Kyle Russell. And remember, it's only for Members, so it'll be way more personal than a general public profile or timeline.

You'll find out about, and get first dibs on getting your spot at our live and virtual events. On a first come, first served basis, you will have the first option to get tickets to all our happenings, prior to non-members.

Members-Only pricing & first option to attend at our in-person Meditations, and Workshops.

Whether for personal sessions, or if you'd like me to lead and present to a group - as a Member - you get special rates and scheduling access unavailable to non-members.


Interested in the Crystal Concentrics Circle?

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On top of helping to create a unique Crystal Community,
you'll get Member-Incentives to Enhance your Library/Collection!

Save Money - Automatic Member Pricing Policy - get Cool Stuff for less!

Accordian title

Save an automatic 10% off all listed prices, whether you see a Crystal in person, or online, through, or on our eBay or Etsy shops.

While pricing flexibility depends on what's been paid for a Crystal - how rare it is, or how easy it is to replace, as a Crystal Concentric Circle member - you'll get special consideration when you make offers of less than 90% of the listed price on any given item.

As a member, you'll save more than 10% when you order our laminated, hard-copy 11x17 Human/Crystal Energy Zones poster. The same is true for our new Crystal Meditation/Affirmation cards, and other forthcoming products (so long as your Membership is current and up-to-date).

Whether our hour-long intensive Webinar Classes, or our slightly shorter "Why it's Awesome?!" series, you'll get big breaks as a member, making it affordable to own access to everyone of these content-rich offerings! Choose from titles like "Crystal Healing" and "How to Work with Crystals" as well as "Green Stones," "clear Quartz," and more!

New Crystal & Offerings Alert! Be the first to receive pictures and descriptions of new items, or particularly interesting Crystals we'll be spotlighting from time to time (as well as other items and programs we dream up!).

Interested in the Crystal Concentrics Circle?

Please fill out the questionnaire

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Members get instant (and ongoing) "admission" to our exclusive Information Banks

Learn More - get Members Only Access to Resources - Education!


The general public, even Subscribers - have to surf and browse to find all our Posts, Blogs, Videos, etc. - to try to grasp the fullness of what we already offer them freely. Members will get a curated listing of this information in one place.

A number of our offerings aren't visible to the general public. With our curated member content, you can pick and choose from EVERYTHING we've got to give you.

Periodically (if not monthly), we'll be issuing new, informative info-graphics...attractive to potential subscribers...but sent to you first, in printable versions. Our first offering to members, will be an attractive PDF (8.5x11 version) of our Human/Crystal Energy Zones poster. Superlatives will follow: "Top 5 Crystals for..." etcetera.

Once you join, you'll get access to our newly launched (and growing, monthly) online Photo and Crystal Qualities guide - showing real specimen images - accompanied by in-depth Crystal Concentrics readings of each of their energies and uses. This will not be like any other site or reference guide you can find anywhere else!

Cost to You?

Pay only $70 (50+% off) for your first quarterly commitment
going up to just $27 per month for the 2nd quarter
all discounted from the full (standard) price of $47 per month.
You'll be getting at least two to three times the value of your investment each month!

Terms and Conditions