So after a year of having it on my list (of things to do), I've posted my 'availability' in the (a New Age magazine's site) Alternative Health Directory. Availability to do what (you may ask)? Here's how it reads (about Crystal Concentrics): "Whether you're intrigued by what you've read in books, or are curious to get some direct experience ? you feel drawn to the stones and would like some direction ? I have years of experience (and an extraordinary collection of power stones) to help you benefit from Layouts, Placements, the creation of Sacred Safe-Space, and Therapeutic Percussion. This work is ideal for life changes or Spiritual rebooting, Renewal and focus Meditation, as well an unusual support for healers to re-energize. Give a call or shoot me an email. I'd be glad to discuss the opportunity with you." It always feels like a stretch, to put myself out there in this way: "what if people 'find out' - what will they think?" In myself, I don't care - it is what it is - and I know what I know. If it can't hang with it, move on. I'm doing this not for the naysayers, but for the yay sayers, and I know there's more (of 'you') out there than I think. I've built a musical database of 15,000 contacts+, 'cause that's where I've put my energy. Where you water, that part of the garden grows. I may be nurturing this 'plant' inside, and that's great - to be in connection that way - but what about my legacy. Is it really fair for me to 'go to my reward' without having made every effort to 'share my brownies' (as says my business mentor Fabienne Fredrickson would say). Some 'brownies' are for the Belly; some for the Mind; and some for the Soul. They're not all gonna look the same. You can't put them all on a shelf in a storefront, or even make them available Online. Everyone reaches a point in their life where they've got to take a leap of Faith. For some it's by Choice; for others, by Necessity; and still others are sought out: 'Chosen' if you will (as I's a long story). Something I read in the Prayer Book at High Holidays about "the chosen are those who choose," a weird tautology by which you cannot be selected unless you opt-in (like you would for a Newsletter list). "The Universe cannot hear your call if you do not open your lips and make that call aloud - and clearly - for whatever it is that you want" (another paraphrase of Fabienne's). These "truths" are self-evident, written mostly in self-help books (and was it the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence?). Indeed these sentiments are sourced in Scripture and Religion. But we need to hear them over and over again for it to sink in - the truth of it - never mind converting that intrinsic knowledge into action. That's the hard part, taking even the first step, taking a stand! Like the people conducting Occupy Wall Street (G*d bless them for putting themselves out there, at the risk of putting themselves in jail...I did that years ago: got rounded up for protesting Apartheid). But someone has to (or ought to) do it, and the more of us take Personal Responsibility for making happen what we know is right, the more likely the world will be to be "set right." Some think Revelation can only happen once we set things 'right' - here on Earth - currying favor with 'The Father' (and I mean that in the least Patriarchal way possible), and bringing closer the 'Return of the Messiah' (if that's even a belief - or motivation - for you). The more Existential among you - even if Religious - may feel we have no control over Judgment - the Apocalypse (if that's what we're in for) - will happen when it happens. In either case, we've got to mind our knitting, 'do what we have to do' - not in the lowest sense of the phrase - but in the highest, loftiest sense of it. All that being said, as we approach the thinly veiled time of Halloween; All Saints Day; the anniversary of my own mother's passing, I invoke the phrase "ashes to ashes..." We all return to the Earth, whether as a lifeless body, or up in smoke (if we're cremated). Our component elements are returned to the ground or the ethers, and that unique thing called our Spirit, or Soul, either dissipates forever; is transmuted into something else; or lives on, retaining some semblance of the identity exhibited while lodged in our person. Enter my argument regarding the original and eternal nature of stone - it was here before us (though not in the same way as the Creator, who supersedes - and includes - all physical manifestation) - and stone will be here after us. There's something reassuring in this knowledge. We "come back to the rock" - like a home base - or that place in the game "tag," where you're safe (if you're touching it). I had some rocks I wanted to show you - but they'll have to wait - I've realized this Blog post is free standing, and that's how it should be out there. I'd hoped to write less this time around, but it's been some time since the last Post, so maybe I'm making up for lost time. I'd also hoped this Blog process would be The Book I'm going to write this year (ie. over the next 11 months anyway), but I realize - and so it should be - that this process is different, and should have its own identity...I can work out the book and bring you other updates independently...hope you've enjoyed reading, and I welcome your positive feedback.