The Portal Crystal Gallery has devoted an entire section of the venue to showcasing outstanding Artists from near and far. Our premier showing is of Arlington based artist Lidia Kenig-Scher, whose work will be populating all three walls of the wall art portion of the Gallery. The public Opening is Saturday, September 23rd, from 10am till 7pm ~ and though Facebook only allows us to extend this event through to Oct. 6 ~ the show will be up till October 19th at least. Lidia will be introducing and speaking about her art ~ and will be on hand to discuss it with patrons @ 2:00 Pm. Her talk wil center on Why Art Is an Effective Healing Aid. and will be followed by a demonstration class for 5 lucky participants @ 3:00 PM. It’s FREE to attend, come one and all. What else to Expect: – an enormous & in-depth selection of fine quality minerals – hosting by Kyle Russell, purveyor & educator about the stones – wellness products to enhance your health and well being – a “jewelry of the month” showcase (mostly pendants) Here’s the Art oriented Event Page URL (to cut and paste): Visit our site and sign up for our updates – we’ll be having Openings like this semi-monthly) – here’s how to get onto the mailing list: Any questions, please email