Last year, I held an in-person Crystal Skull Meditation, and in years before - other skull oriented events - including with Psychics. People expect to connect with loved ones, and that's understandable, but it's also not exactly what we're doing with the skulls. Read on to learn more.
The purpose and function of these meditations - live or online (as we've started to do more this year, on account of Covid) - is to use crystal skulls to connect with our own skeletal essence, and using the different stone-type skulls to connect with different aspects of what I called for the first time (this evening): "the OverSkull."

large dark Amethyst skull with some "alien" features and rainbow action in the head


In other words, there are different aspects of the overarching Crystal Skull archetype, that speak to very different and important energies that are relevant in our lives.

Un-carved stones can do this too - of course - but when carved into a skull, as in the case of a particular Buddha or Hindu deity, the skull takes on the particular mantle or significance of that force, as a personal representative of that energy.

If you scroll to the end, I've also added details of our in-person Meditation this week, as well as some info on the 2nd, reprise online Skull Meditation we did as well.
For this specific online Meditation, we tapped into the Mission Skull, which was a large and dark Amethyst (with goggly, "alien" eyes). We asked ourselves: what is our mission? Is it to love, to be in community, make money...?
My directive also was to humbly request from this Amethyst skull for the answer to that question.
One person said "Love." That was the answer, regarding her purpose. Mind you, while the skull (or any stone, really) can be an oracle or truth teller, it's the relationship - YOU earnestly seeking information - and having that answer facilitated by communion with this eternal force and evocative form (the human skull, in stone).
Before I continue with the other two skulls we worked with, I wanted to mention the grounding we did in advance of bringing in any stone, as is my custom. There was following one's breath, projecting our consciousness throughout our body, and then the new and added element of tapping into the physical form of our skeletal structure, down to the bone marrow. One person saw that inner space as connected with nourishing milk.
I also invite - in the preliminary "bio-med" (biological meditation) exercise - people to connect with whatever they're sitting on, chair or otherwise, and also to what's underneath: the building, ground, earth itself.

unusually large Rhodochrosite skull, pictured in warm light on maple wood


The next stone skull we worked with was Rhodochrosite, the Vitality Skull. We used that to connect with the live energy that issues forth from our bones (as alluded to above), but also the trajectory of chi that lives on as our legacy once we're gone. And I invited people to be receptive to - and feel the live energy of those (others) on the call, as well as any beings of their choosing - living or deceased.

One person had truly wanted to connect with alien entities, having already explored most of the spirits "down here." Mind you, all this sharing happened after the guided meditation was over (because everyone but I get muted, for recording purposes). I encouraged people beforehand, and several times during the event, to jot down any notes or thoughts they might be having during the experience. Another person felt that this meditation was very confirming of messages she'd been receiving lately, which she stated was supportive to her.

rare milky quartz from Peru has cathedral siding and its base is cut into a skull form


Our final skull was a rare Milky Quartz point cut at the base into a skull, from Peru, and it was all about Compassion. The goal was - whether identifying and connecting with beings / entities or not - to connect now more emotionally, perhaps with an embrace, letting the affection flow (as possible) in both directions. For one attendee, their point of connection (and recurrent imagery) was Nature, being in it, in various scenarios.

There were some interesting revelations. One person hadn't really given any thought to their skeleton, and it was like discovering a whole new part of herself. Each system (circulatory, respiratory, digestive) that comprises us can be considered separately, and shed new light on the others, and their collective collaboration.
Another new understanding was that the skulls connect us to the spirit world, bringing people and faeries (or whatnot) together. The messages: "know yourself, don't just exist to serve others" came up, and "we cannot hope to connect with others without compassion."


So while the crystal skulls and my guided meditations are evocative, it is the people attending and what they do with the experience, that makes it more personally valuable. Two folks felt intensely grounded, and one was guided to take protection far more seriously. Those were the take home messages for them. Another had a nirvana-like experience, something similar to what had happened for her just one other time in her life, in which she experienced her true father, or G8D (my spelling for The Divine). Of course we don't all identify the Divine as masculine or feminine, but this is how her experience came to her, in the moment.


Before we started, I asked if folks - not even knowing what this type of meditation entails, since some were new to it - whether doing it again, at another time of year would be interesting to them. And it was (their answer was in the affirmative). I'm thinking of even doing one - since folks are home nowadays - on Halloween or November 1st. I did end up doing it on the 1st, because I didn't want to interfere with folks' plans for the 31st, and I also didn't want to look that one in the eye. Sometimes it's best to let the storm pass.


I hope you understand that writing up the highlights of a meditation like this is no substitute for actually experiencing it. I'm listening to it now (from the Unlisted secret YouTube video) - over half an hour of channeling monologue - and there are details and subtleties that I can't begin to capture without a straight transcription (which wouldn't be a bad idea!).



Now for a discussion of our 2020 in-person Skull Meditation...

extensive layout or constellation of crystal skulls for our 2020 in person skull meditation

We are hosting in person events too, for several months now, in small numbers and with masks on. Once you're used to it, and breathing gently, it's not really obstructive to the experience. You don't even notice that you're wearing a mask, and your mind is really focused on the bigger issues we're exploring. However, we're not publicizing these in person events, because there are few enough spots that only regulars have been able to take advantage of them. Still, if someone is particularly enthusiastic, and new to us, we may include them (as we did recently).

So - you see the great big layout of skulls above - I set it up the day before, and after the fact added 6 Shungite cubes and 6 Mahogany Obsidian hearts as buffers and containment barriers to the selection of 15 skull carvings. When we assembled around them, it felt busy / noisy (to me) because of all the assembled entities anyway.

The first segment of our meditation was settling into the body, breath and space - followed by sharing our experiences of relaxation - long overdue for some, who hadn't been to a group like this in 9 months (due to social distancing). A benefit of the in-person Meditations is that we get to pause between sections to go around and share with one another. It's very empowering and elucidating, as well as empathy-producting, because we partake in each others' experiences.

large collection of very unusual, highly textured - one might almost call them "elestial" (because of their texturing) - Mahogany Obsidian hearts from Brazil (I've kept about half of them, for session stones, and a couple of the big ones will be made into pendants (in due time)

Our second meditation was with the Mahogany Obsidian hearts for open space (what Black Obsidian is all about) and the lingering perpetuation of life energy (which was invoked through the Rhodochrosite during our first online meditation), passing through the red part of the Mahogany Obsidian.

One of the attendees shared a cool visual observation about how hearts are split in two on one side, and then come together at their point. It's a powerful symbol, one most people take for granted.

Next, I sent people into "the forest" - speaking metaphorically of the assemblage of skulls in the middle - to meet, greet and connect with a skull as a friend.

I had done something similar in last month's in-person meditation, where to find their spirit animals, I first introduced everyone to a carved stone Zuni bear, which then took them to meet their spirit animals (quite effectively, I might add).

One woman (back to this month's in-person meditation) shared after the forest foray - that she was dancing with another woman and heard her name distinctly - while another meditator (coincidentally) heard the name of his spirit guide. They had met previously, but now he could put a name to the face.

Lastly, everyone opened up their eyes enough to pick one of the skulls out of the center to meditate with personally. The goal was to receive a message. I actually beat the frame drum several times during this meditation, which I find clears the air, creates a sense of immediacy, and is journey facilitator. One person's Smoky alien skull was like a gatekeeper, asserting that he (the meditator) really just had to connect with his spirit guide directly, to receive his messages. Anothers' pale green New Jade skull - which had been a bit spooky looking at first - ended up being really normalizing about the ups and downs of life, with the message that you ultimately have to embrace it all. Our dancing friend's Amethyst brought up another name and some messages about not sweating the small stuff, and feeling more free to express yourself.


Now, tonight - I'll be meditating online once again - with a subset of the big assemblage used a few days ago, for the in-person. I segregated 6 of 'em, but have narrowed down the ones I want to work with to Lapis, Girasol (or Foggy) Quartz, and Pyrite.

In a recent TikTok ('cause now I'm on that, branded as always: @CrystalConcentrics) I explained my 3 reasons for liking skulls. First, they are the part of our skeletal anatomy that has the most personality, relative to all our other bones. The skull also contains our brain and most of our key senses (including the 6th sense or Imagination). As such, and this is #2, it's the built-in urn for our spirit and legacy to the future (which we'll be remembered by). I have two stone skulls, each representing one of my parents. And #3, crystal skulls represent our departed, loved ones who are no longer with us.

I guess #4, which I've never articulated before - is that the essence of the stone each one is made of - imbues any given skull with a sort of "patron-saint-of" quality. For examples, we've spoken above about the Mission Skull, Vitality Skull, and Compassion Skull. Tonight, we'll be working with the Self Skull, the Eternal Voice Skull, and the Trust Skull. I'll be posting photos and insights from that afterwards.


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