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  3. Moving Like Water: with clarity and flow, to your destination
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I can’t begin to share with you the complexity of Tucson prep – so I’m sharing some of what I’m looking forward to bringing you thru my forthcoming Crystal Energy Phone App – and my 2nd video’s about thinking philosophically about owning your own route.

1. Preview of Crystal Energy class content

In this video Kyle gives you a teaser about classes soon to be available on the Crystal Energy App, including about: – Jewelry – Specimens – Carved & Polished Stones – Moldavite – Book and Media – Statues & Carvings – Sugilite – Jade – Fluorite – Rhodochrosite – Quartz – Citrine…and so much more…including the revival of Crystals360!

2. Upcoming EVENTS, Live and on Zoom

Crystal Concentrics Events

ONLINE EVENTS (click thru to sign up for Live Access & Replays)

Times are all Eastern Standard (NY) Time
Please be in touch if you have any questions, we’d love to include you!

IN-PERSON (at the Portal Crystal Gallery in Arlington, MA)

  • SHOP DAILY Portal is open 1-4pm daily, Noon on Saturdays
  • Tuesday, 1/10/23 in-person Meditation with Kyle (price is going up to $48 unless you purhcase one of my special programs)
  • Saturday, 1/14/23 (12-2:30pm) Psychic Medium Readings w Cheryl

3. What would it mean to Move Like Water?!

Don’t mind what others are doing – forge your own path forward – go with the flow…like water! Shared this one at the turning of the year, for you to contemplate what’s meaningful for you, which route will you be taking, and is it true to yourself?

4. Resources: store, articles, blog, podcast, book…

Remember – while we do keep adding new items online – most of our product is OFFline. So it’s best to email Kyle@CrystalConcentrics.com to avail yourself of our Quality Custom Crystal Mail Order service.

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Portal Crystal Gallery
489 Mass. Ave. Arlington Center, MA
Open daily 1-4pm daily, from Noon on Saturdays

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