1. Featured Video: setup at Syracuse Gem Show
  2. Upcoming Events: Meditations, Readings, Lives, etc.
  3. Metaphysical Video: unbiased Self Acceptance
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The (mini-tour) party continues – last day in Syracuse with Herkimer show next weekend – also see our metaphysical content video on Yellow Rainbow Fluorite and the Self. Join our in-person Meditation THIS Tuesday, see all events below. Please Mail Order from us, or visit our Portal Crystal Gallery any day!

1. Featured Crystal Video: GemWorld Syracuse, NY State Fairgrounds

Haven’t done one of these progression videos in awhile – the contrast is huge – between empty tables and a finished setup…you even see a bit of the behind the scenes view…with a quick overview of our 7 table display. Was primed by MusicCon last week before – and already have everything with me that I’ll need for the Herkimer show next week. Also bought some great stuff (surprise, surprise). HERE’s the INFO LINK for this weekend’s Syracuse Show.

2. Upcoming EVENTS, Live and on Zoom

Crystal Concentrics Events

Times are all Eastern Standard (NY) Time

ONLINE EVENTS (Live Zoom Access & via Replay)

Please be in touch if you have any questions, we’d love to include you!

IN-PERSON (at the Portal Crystal Gallery in Arlington, MA)

3. Metaphysical Video: Unbiased Self-Acceptance

Due to popular demand, I’ll do my best to include a second informative video in each newsletter, as time allows. Please click thru and view! This is another example of me learning something new about a stone I’d always liked, but not known why. Now you can have a new look at it too!

4. Resources: store, articles, blog, podcast, book…

Remember – while we do keep adding new items online – most of our product is OFFline. So it’s best to email Kyle@CrystalConcentrics.com to avail yourself of our Quality Custom Crystal Mail Order service.

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