milky quartz - nurturance - compassion

twin pair of giant Candle Quartz


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Kyle is a genuine crystal whisperer, offering a unique perspective on working with crystals that is equally balanced in the masculine/feminine, left/right brained intelligence(s). He provided valuable information to both newcomers and learned crystal enthusiasts, allowing each individual to integrate the experience at their comfort level. I felt subtle yet profound shifts, received answers to questions I didn't even know I had had, and felt I was not alone - our group was enthusiastic and only grew hungrier for more with each step deeper into this vast subject.

Jamila Colozzi May 18, 2016

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H.W.: "Me being here is a compliment to you - I don't come out to these types of events often...I have a healthy respect for Crystals...I've seen how they can be misused."
Kyle: "What made you decide to be here tonight, then?"
H.W.: "Because I think you know your stuff. And you have a good heart."

H.W. May 18, 2016


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“Last week I attended my first Crystal Meditation group meeting, New Beginnings: Opening & Clearing. Going to the event I was certain of two things: there would be crystals and guided meditations. I was not aware of the intensity I would experience as the evening progressed. I was first taken aback by a room full of crystals. Some of the most beautiful, colorful, expensive stones I have ever experienced in my life. Just standing in the room I began vibrating.

There was a chatty meet and greet time provided so the attendees could connect and re-connect. Then the Circle was gathered. Kyle led us through three meditations during the 2 hour meeting; each accompanied by crystals and stones appropriate for the intended visualization. I found myself easily falling into a distant meditative state. By the last meditation I felt a definite shift in my being: I had received messages and felt very different in my body compared to when I walked in off the street.

Kyle provides a wonderful calm space free from distraction, enlivened with the vibration (songs) of a diverse rich collection of gem stones and crystals. Kyle is a Crystalline Being in flesh.”

Lugh Giacomozzi August 26, 2015

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"Thank you! Last night's Meditation was soul-healing for me, it truly was. I found tools to cope with some emotions that arise that bring me to a place where I sometimes feel stuck. There are parts of our inner selves that benefit from loving and mindful attention. That is what you know how to do Kyle, you help us to pay attention to what is needed, so that we can move forward in a most positive way. It is a great skull that you have, and I'm grateful to be a part of this group."

Denise Gilbert School Teacher May 18, 2016


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The stones are absolutely AMAZING!!! I’m beyond pleased with them!

Blake L. Southern California August 26, 2015

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I also have my quartz crystals I bought from you here with me. I often like to read while holding this one. It is my study buddy.

Sarah S. metro-Boston, MA August 26, 2015





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This video is fantastic!! I'm glad YouTube suggested this to me!!!

Slytherin Girl May 13, 2017

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I absolutely love this channel. So glad I found it. You are awesome. Love your easy to follow explanations!

nerdgirl88 May 13, 2017