You can book a full blown Individual Healing Session with founder Kyle Russell, but we’re offering 20-minute Crystal tuneups at the Portal Crystal Gallery, as a low-cost alternative. Choose your time and book it with our handy scheduler. Kyle can also conduct a modified session by phone as well, wherever you are!

Option 1: share with Kyle what challenges you’re facing. You’ll sit in a chair or on a backjack in the Sun Room, near Kyle’s extensive selection of session healing stones. He’ll make recommendations and pick out at least two for you to hold and sit with, as you soak up their restorative, vitalizing, and/or thought-provoking energies.

Photos can be taken of you and/or the stones, which he’ll email you, with an explanation of your meeting. This is a valuable experience, whether a novice or practitioner, you’ll always come away having learned something, both about yourself and the stones!

Cost is $40 for the 20 minutes, and we’re experimenting with a discounted 2/3 of an hour (or 40 minutes), for $70, if you like.

We do request preregistration, scroll down to register through the official Ticket Link.

Crystal Mini-Session Sunday (Sun. 2/24)

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