The CrystalCompanion® series consists of online video Meditations, led by Crystal Concentrics founder Kyle Russell. He takes us into Meditation - introduces each episode's stone - and then guides us on a conceptual journey through its various qualities.

Our Crystal Meditation will focus on Pyrite - alternately called (by Kyle) "Wise One's Treasure" (as opposed to "Fool's Gold") - and "Defender of the Self" (because of its central role in he Self Energy Zone, or Chakra).

Once you register (it's a $5 charge for the access link to each CrystalCompanion® Online Meditation), you'll get the Login link to view it Live (8:30pm Eastern Time, US). It's a one way broadcast, so nobody will see you, and there are no Comments etc. (as in a Facebook Live event). But you can return to it anytime, the Replay is available to you indefinitely.

Link is here:

We ask that you not share the link - this is a pay per view offering - it's more private and personal than our free video offerings, of which there are MANY.

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