This brand new gathering of unique individuals are connecting not only to learn more about and experience Crystals, but also to Share on a deeper level, and create an ongoing sense of Community and Support for one another.
The half-dozen or so of us will be doing this through monthly in-person meetings (2-3 hours); phone call-ins (1 hour); and a Secret Facebook Group just for us to connect through.
Even if you’re not on Facebook, or you miss an event, we’ll be getting you updates and summaries via email, and will always be available to answer your questions.
Our group leader is Kyle Russell, founder of the Portal Crystal Gallery and creator of the Crystal Concentrics paradigm of Crystal synergies…he’s been working with Crystals for over 30 years now…and has an Inner Circle group already, that’s been going strong for five years now.
Here are 3 Testimonials from that group:
I have been a part of Kyle’s Inner Circle Crystal Meditation Group for over a year now, and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. In my day-to-day life I have very few people who know about my spiritual side, and I am in general a private person when it comes to my own personal challenges. Between the monthly calls, in-person meditations (Kyle is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive with his use of crystals and guiding meditations) and support from our private Facebook group, I have found an amazing support system in this group. I have also learned alot about myself, and grown in ways I did not expect. If you feel yourself pulled towards this experience, go for it! I can’t imagine where I would be without it.
I’ve always loved crystals for their beauty alone. Being part of Kyle’s Inner Circle Meditation group has been a great way to make use of my appreciation of crystals for relaxation, meditation and growth. As an expert, Kyle understands every aspect of a crystal, its origin and physical characteristics. As a sensitive, caring metaphysical teacher and healer Kyle brilliantly uses the qualities of the crystals as metaphors for life. In the group we share what is on our minds and Kyle then finds the just right stones that helps participants to break barriers, garner self appreciation or to simply move on with greater awareness. I look forward to our group sessions every time and highly recommend the Inner Circle experience to anyone who enjoys crystals.
Kyle has a gift for gathering people and stones, he has a gift for being aware of the energy in the present moment, and he has a gift for bringing those elements together to create a nurturing, inspiring and healing experience in his small groups, large gatherings and private sessions.
I’ve been a part of his regularly meeting meditation group for almost 5 years. In the last few years, the six of us and Kyle have grown very close. We come from different backgrounds and our ages range from 20s to 60s but we find so many commonalities. Where there aren’t commonalities, there are parallels and lessons to learn.
We’ve helped to heal each other. We’ve supported each other in rough personal times. We’ve grown close like a family. It’s through Kyle’s intuitive sense that we should all be together and his unwavering support that keeps us in touch and focused.
– you’re interested in setting sacred time aside just for you
– you’re open to learning from and supporting others
– you’re a novice or practitioner who needs replenishing
– you’re willing to make a commitment to personal growth
COST: $320 for 4 months (1/3 of a year) starting in 2019
but…notice our kickoff pricing:
DISCOUNT: $240 (only $60 per month) Sept. thru Dec. 2018
with the 5th month of August included for FREE
DATES: Thursdays, Aug. 23; Sept. 13; Oct. 11; Nov. 8; Dec. 6
(above are for in-person meetings, we’ll work out Call-in dates)
BENEFITS (partial list):
1) constant contact & connection to community
(call-ins especially allow you to share what’s up in your life)
2) individualized Crystal Healing at every in-person meeting
(in a group context, that’s a fraction of one-on-one sessions)
3) automatic discounts at the Portal Crystal Gallery on product
4) automatic discounts to attend other Crystal classes at Portal
(we’re exploring affiliate discounts for other’s hosted events)
WHAT IF I HAVE TO MISS DATES: everyone will likely miss dates here and there. Try not to, this is important – for you and the other participants – to enjoy continuity. By paying for the season (4 months), at least we know the dates won’t be cancelled due to lower attendance. Kyle saves time on Promotion, and can focus more on YOU. Plus, when we’re just a few of us, it’s even more individual time and attention.
CANCELLATIONS: we observe the “Movie Theater Policy.” If we have to reschedule, we’ll honor your entry fee at another time. But if you have to reschedule, we cannot credit your account or refund you. Thanks for understanding, and most of all, for attending!
Email with any questions.
Preregistration is required.
Scroll down to register through the Ticket Button below
If you’re not on it already, get onto our Portal Crystal & Art Gallery mailing list here:
Or call Kyle – at the shop (open noon till 5pm+ daily) at 781-859-5397 – or directly (at 617-771-5119) for more info!

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