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Second expanded edition expected this fall

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Second expanded edition expected this fall


Learn about all the key Crystals ~ what they really mean, energetically ~ and how to use their wisdom to deepen your own spiritual development.

They're finally here ~ from Crystal Concentrics' founder Kyle Russell ~ committing his unique Language of Crystals (and over 25 years' experience) to this impressive deck. Each card features high quality photos...each with simply put (but poetic) qualities, plus positive affirmations...also useful as an oracle deck (as one would use Tarot cards).

The 52 stones are divided into 5 "elements" ~ 4 of which are an overlay of the Chakra system ~ consisting of Foundation (Solar Plexus to Root Chakra); Heart (with 6 stones of its own); Voice, and Source. Note that Source can loop around to Foundation, suggesting a cyclical relationship between the Chakras (not just a linear alignment). Even arms & legs are included in this paradigm, represented by Petrfied Wood.

The 5th Element (or "Channel" stones), are not directly associated with the human body ~ but are of equal of relevance ~ promoting qualities like clarity, tranformation, and connectivity (to name just three).

Wholesale orders by vendors and practitioner ~ as well as the purchase of multiple decks (as gifts!) ~ is welcome!

An introductory video is in the works ~ feel free to write with any questions you may have ~ and please spread the good word!


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