Crystal Energy Zones Poster


FOR SALE: Crystal Energy Zones poster (11×17, one-sided, hard laminate) – – it features:

– the pre-lamination size is 11×17
– high quality printing, good color & detail
– hard lamination, for durability (full size: 11.3×18″)
– U.S. Post Office Tracking, we email you the #



Ever wondered which Crystals are most relevant to the Human Body?


Crystal Concentrics founder Kyle Russell's spent 30 years working with Crystals to figure it out!


The Crystal Concentrics paradigm assigns 29 stones to what parts of your body they resonate best with.


First of all, the Chakra System (generally featuring 7 chakras), has been simplified into 4 Human/Crystal Energy Zones (or Elements).


The Solar Plexus (where your ribs come together) down to The Belly - and below The Root (and your feet) - is called FOUNDATION. It includes the arms and legs as well, assigning them to a powerful, but undersung giant of the mineral world (Petrified Wood)!


Above that is HEART, followed by VOICE, and from the lower mind up into the Astral Planes, we have SOURCE.


It's meant to be Cyclical, as well as Linear, and the photos are excellent quality. It's great for novices and experienced Crystal Workers, and is a perfect complement to the Crystal Concentrics Meditation and Affirmation Card Deck (which features the Fifth Element: Channel).


Contact us with Questions, or for more information, and look out for the companion Blog that explains all this further. Wholesale inquiries welcome!

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