Quartz (semi-Lemurian) 3.75″ ‘child within’ transmitter


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Incredible, icy clarity, with a frosty finish - and a unique 'penetration' point coming into it it (the photos don't do it justice) - with just under an inch of length inside. It stands at an angle, making it a transmitter, and has a fairly perfect main (unpolished) point. Gorgeous, glittery, with a self-healed, milky quartz base. The reason it's called semi-Lemurian is that while it has striations, slightly irregular formations side to side, and a shaved off edge, it's still pretty classic in form. Great find! Length: 9.5cm; Width: 6.6cm; Height: 7.6cm; Depth: 4.3cm Origin: Central Asia, India (Pradesh)

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