Quartz (clear, celestial) tabular DT floater w rainbow


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This magnificent piece has the telltale signs of being a Celestial Quartz (a name I've coined), as a result of having one whole side semi-elestial, but much glassier, and very intricately textured. The biggest face is polished. It's a large palm piece, and is double terminated, as well as being tabular. Funny little attached crystal - on one side - has a clear rainbow in it - as does a certain view on the other side. Almost has a milky, phantomic interior, with the more normally formed side/point showing as mostly clear. Great for passing over a troubled area, and also accessing higher heights.
Dimensions(cm): Length: 13.3; Width: 4.2; Depth: 4.6
Region of Origin: Latin America, Brazil


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