Quartz (red ‘Diamantina’) 6.8″ laser


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Though not from Diamantina - where the natural laser, or 'singing' crystals come from - this piece hails from China, and has an exceptional taper, down to a defined (but not pristine) point. What makes it even more unique is the infusion of nearly solid stone redness at the bottom, which flows more like ink in water higher up in the semi-clear crystal. It almost curves in the top third, and is overall a once in a lifetime find. I've never seen anything like it, and of such size and intactness, over the 25 years I've worked with crystals. Remember, we have much more OFFline than on, so feel free to Message us so we can post more of interest to you. Length: 17.3cm; Width: 4.6cm; Depth: 3.6cm Origin: Africa, Madagascar

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