Quartz (Skeletal/Fenster ‘Herkimer’) F-11 ‘duo’


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These 2 fused, squat DT's make a new and amazing piece - perfectly fitting in the palm - and filled with skeletal and termination action. I put "Herkimer" in quotes, because it looks just like one, especially to the untrained eye, and has a very similar vibration. Fensters, or Skeletals have internal fracturing, which to us symbolizes Weakness in the Context of Strength. This an ideal stone for folks who are unwell, and seeking to recognize how their larger system is healthier - the whole is stronger - than any compromised subset, or part of the Self. Length: 7.5cm; Width: 5.7cm; Depth: 3cm Weight: 100g Origin: Latin America, Mexico

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Brown, Clear


Double-Terminated Crystals, Floaters (terminated all around, or mostly), Palm Pieces, Twin, Family Stones