Sugilite ‘rectangular wafer’ pendant


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Gel translucency - some blue Richterite action (in the darker corner) - set in Sterling Silver (no black). Length is of the cab plus setting/bale; width is left to right on the pendant itself. Weight includes metal work.
Essentially all Sugilite was mined out by the early 80's (or before), and comes out of old collections. Most will tell you: nothing new's coming out of the ground, though some veins have been walled off by concrete (to prevent new discoveries). Sugilite is virtually absent from most stores, shows & dealers' selections. What can be found, is often of inferior material, with lots of black, or oddly colored purple. For these reasons - because it's so rare - my starting SRP per gram is always at a premium. Pricing goes up dimensionally for gel material, jewelry, and smaller specimens).
Though lesser samples can be found more cheaply, I pick and showcase a good number of the best pieces available, which represents a strong confidence in the stone's lasting value.
Still, I may be open to negotiation - depending on the market, and availability - and I will at least consider serious offers (particularly from collectors and those who appreciate this stone's unique metaphysical qualities).

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