Sugilite rough (104.4gr) ‘perfect palm’


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Part of a very special stock of Sugilite that spans form dark purple with some solid burgundy sections, to light pink and blue (Richterite). I call it "Rainbow Sugilite." Astonishing color burst when wet.
Essentially all Sugilite was mined in the early 80's (or before), and comes out of old collections. Most will tell you: nothing new's coming out of the ground.
It is virtually absent from most stores, shows & dealers' selections. For that reason - because it's so rare - my starting SRP is always $10 per gram (as much as 4 times higher for pink gel material & smaller specimens).
Though lesser samples can be found more cheaply, I pick and showcase a good number of the best pieces available, which represents a strong belief in the stone's value.
Still, and am open to negotiation - depending on the market, and availability - and I will at least consider serious offers (particularly from collectors and those who appreciate this stone's unique metaphysical qualities).

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