Sugilite rough (121 grams) ‘plateau’ medallion


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Part of a unique vein, rich in purple, blue (Richterite), and pink, with no black to speak of. I call it "Rainbow Sugilite." Displays well dry, and spectacularly wet. Essentially all Sugilite was mined in the early 80's (or before), and comes out of old collections. Most will tell you: nothing new's coming out of the ground. It is virtually absent from most stores, shows & dealers' selections. For that reason - because it's so rare - my starting SRP is always (at least) $10 per gram (as much as 4 times higher for pink gel material & smaller specimens). I specialize in rough pieces with no cut lines or planes. Though lesser samples can be found more cheaply, I pick and showcase a good number of the best pieces available, which represents a strong confidence in the stone's value. Still, I am open to negotiation - depending on the market, and availability - and I will at least consider serious offers (particularly from collectors and those who appreciate this stone's unique metaphysical qualities). Open to reasonable Best Offers.

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