Chain (Sterling) 30″ Rounded Box (2.5mm) necklace for pendant


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This is the thickest (at 2.5mm) and longest (the next, shorter length is 24") of our available chains - for those who are wearing more substantial pendants - and appreciate the unique capacity of 24"+ chains to fit over your head without having to be unclasped (unless you want to switch out pendants). It has a lobster clasp. And enables you to wear 2 pendants at once - one on a 24" chain and one on this 30" chain. See our last photos here, featuring all different lengths for relative perspective (these go the lowest). Kyle - of CrystalConcentrics - has been using these chains daily for years and years, hence having chosen them as the perfect chain to match any of our numerous silver pendants! Length: 76.2cm Weight: 22.4g (.79oz)

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