Chrysocolla Quartz pendulum Sterling capped healing crystal

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Although the material is found in South America, it was set in India, as part of our deluxe pendulum series featuring Sterling caps & white metal chains. The chain is 6″ and has a clear ball at the end. Chrysocolla is the stone of Humility and Self Compassion. Quartz is generally all about clarity and flow. In this case, we have a multi-chakra experience – Chrysocolla haiing from the Voice Energy Zone, and the Quartz – rather than being a Channel stone in this case, is more of a Heart or Healing Stone. And because the Chrysocolla appears as little lighnting bolts, the whole piece carries more of a Source or Galactic vibe. I’m also getting Apatite vibes from it, and Apatite is a Vision stone. Length: 3.6cm; Width: 1.3cm; Depth: 1.3cm Weight: 40.5ct Origin: Latin America, Peru

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Blue Green

Energy Zones

Voice (aka Throat)




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