Citrine (natural) standing quasi-scepter polished point healing crystal


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Citrine is one of November’s birthstones, and according to prevailing Crystal Lore, it promotes will, creativity, and the enlightened self. In our Crystal Concentrics system, we believe that it’s all about the Pure, “un-adulterated,” True Self. Several things are special about this piece – it stands 1″ tall, and remarkably – given how top heavy it is. It’s a work of art, from the perspective of a cutter. It also captures the Citrine vibration, even though it’s not the most saturated, in color. You’ll notice a couple of natural inclusions of ferrous (iron colored) material, but they are not what is coloring it over all. Anyhow, this is a sweet little collectors’ piece. Length: 2.5cm; Width: 2.5cm; Height: 3cm Weight: 78.5ct Origin: Latin America, Brazil

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Energy Zones

Self (Solar Plexus)


Golden, Yellow


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