Fluorite (Lavender) obelisk (unusually large) calming and healing crystal


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We group Fluorites into the Body and Mind variety - this one's definitely of the Body - and is all about instilling instant relaxation, taking you down a notch (or 3!). Often used at the start of Crystal Sessions, Lavender Fluorite is very calming. Having it in a tower or tall generator, means that it can be used to condition a room or altar. Kyle Russell's book Crystal Energy makes mention of it, as well as 240 other stones. Most of the material has come traditionally from China - but it's possible that the origin, as it is in this case, of the raw material - is Brazil. Length: 10.7cm; Width: 3.8cm; Height: 2.5cm Weight: 225.3g (7.95oz) Origin: Latin America, Brazil

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Lavender, Purple

Energy Zones

Healing (chest)




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