Fluorite (yellow/brown) mushroom standing, healing crystal


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At first I thought this might be from Argentina – but most of that yellow Fluorite’s been mined – so this is more likely China, but an exquisite combo of a gentle gemmy yellow on top, and a grounding smoky brown beneath. It’s larger than many mushroom carvings on the market now, and looks almost like an Art Nouveau lamp or fixture. Great sculptural work, color, and vibe! Length: 5.7cm; Width: 4.8cm; Depth: 4.8cm Weight: 147.8g (5.21oz) Origin: Asia, China

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Multi-Colored, Yellow


Mature Self


Carvings and Sculptures

Energy Zones

Self (Solar Plexus), Harmonic (multiple zones), Vision (3rd Eye), Channel (conduit)


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