Garnet massage wand – pointy tip and rounded base – healing crystal


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Garnet is one of the key Root Energy Zone stones - particularly grounding (in a stoney capacity, as opposed to a metallic capacity) - akin to Ruby (but glassier). Used heavily in jewelry, you'll see in this piece some "red" included with the darker vermillion, both of which are classic to the type. Pointed and rounded edge, lets you use it as a massage tool or accupressure instrument. And actually (also because of the shape), it's an excellent palm piece in its own right. Length: 8.6cm; Width: 2.3cm; Height: 2.3cm Weight: 96.7g (3.41oz) Origin: Central Asia, India

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Brown, Red

Energy Zones

Root (1st chakra)


Wands (incl. Lasers & Massage tools)


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