Lapis tower obelisk – Voice stone – healing crystal


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Lapis is one of the key Voice stones - it's all about finding and using your voice - to express and get your needs met in the world. As with some other stones - like Sugilite - Lapis can be photo responsive. That means in lower light it's necessarily darker - so we've included some pix like that for reference - and then you see in the brightest light that the blue comes out more. we picked this one to upload, because the color is solid and uniform all around, with an even distribution of blue (Lazurite), gold (Pyrite), and white (Calcite). Obelisks or towers are like generators, they spread the vibe all around, so they're good for a room or altar. Length: 7.4cm; Width: 2cm; Height: 2cm Weight: 64.6g (2.28oz) Origin: Central Asia, Afghanistan

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Blue, dark Blue



Energy Zones

Voice (aka Throat)


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