Quartz (Lemurian) 5.1″ ‘ghost mountains’ (Colombian)


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Perfect clarity from top to bottom. It returned from a Sale Price of $365 to full price of $460. The underside is peppered with indentations from Crystal points that had penetrated its surface at point, hence the nicknanme. No buffing, cutting, or polishing. Quite pristine point.
I call this form 4-sided, because looking head on, it has two parallel sides top and bottom, and two diagonal sides to the left and right. Also, please note that MOST people out there are selling stones based on just one particular quality - usually the striations on the side - this is WRONG (as Arkansas Quartzes and many Colombian Quartzes have this feature naturally. What makes a Lemurian UNIQUE are 4-5 separate qualities I outline in the Blog on my site. When I call something - unlike others - a Lemurian...it actually IS one!
Length: 13cm; Width: 2cm; Depth: 1.7cm Weight: 52.1g Length: 13cm; Width: 2cm; Depth: 1.7cm Weight: 52.1g Origin: Latin America, Brazil

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