Malachite Heart stone (and shape) box, healing crystal


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This material was shipped to Mexico, where trusted carvers created this exquisite box. The botryoidal patterning on the top is pretty unbeatable. Remember, we always choose the best from what we see out there, and post the best of those online (for you!). One of the images shows some rings and small stones (for reference only), you could fit a quarter perfectly on the bottom of the inside. Stone boxes can be expensive, because of the precision required to carve them - not just the top - but getting the pieces on the sides to also mirror the heart shape. Malachite is for us a Heart stone, having to do with accessing, feeling, and expressing our emotions. A precious box for that makes sense! Length: 4.1cm; Width: 4.3cm; Height: 1.8cm Weight: 49g (1.73oz) Origin: Africa, Congo

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Energy Zones

Heart (emotion)




Bowls, Sphere Holders, Trays, Heart-Shaped Stones


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