Meteorite designer pendant for necklace, healing crystal


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Iron Meteorites like this one from Campo Del Cielo in Argentina, are uniquely grounding, connecting space with the core of our earth (that they were drawn to fall towards). It fell as long as 5000 years ago. Our supplier provided us the following information on this Meteorite: "Campo Del Cielo Meteorite, the Phoenix Stone, teaches us how to persevere with resilience through difficult challenging times and turn painful experience into a beautiful new powerful you. Opens new levels of awareness enhancing connectivity to all energies. A stone of immense Shamanic power that aids the shedding of old and growth of new'. Suspended from a Sterling O-ring. Chain not included but we have chains available for purchase separately. Length: 4.1cm; Width: 1.8cm; Height: .5cm Weight: 24.5ct Origin: Latin America, Argentina

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Metallic, Silvery

Energy Zones

Root (1st chakra)


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