Moldavite (rough) standing (9.2gr) healing crystal


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Depending on the surface, you can get this piece to stand on two sides. It's almost an equilateral triangle. It also has a deep ravine that might make for an interesting wire wrapping anchor and a spectacular pendant. Has a few small dings and it's from the revered Zatacka locality. Moldavite is the "alien messenger" stone and perhaps the premier Ascension stone, a tektite, the result of a meteoric impact 15 million years ago. All our pieces were found in the Czech Replublic. We provide Statements of Authenticity. You can order a Gemological Certification separately, if you like (for an additional cost, would take some weeks). Stands 1.25" tall with a depth of .4" and a width of 1.35" Width: 3.4cm; Height: 3.2cm; Depth: 1cm Weight: 46ct Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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