Moldavite (Besednice) 14K GOLD pendant for necklace healing crystal


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We call this one "Evergreen" because it's spiky and upright, even the pendant stands! It's natural beauty was taken to another level through setting in solid 14K (lab verified and stamped 58.5%) GOLD. We even have the gram weight of the worked gold itself = 3.4gr. The specimen alone was 2.23gr. The back's ridges are primarily up and down, and the front bows out and the ridges emanate more. One of a kind! This one hails from the mined out Besednice area, known for the high ridges or "hedgehog" appearance, and is particularly prized for this outstanding appearance, even among all other Moldavites! Moldavite itself is the Alien Messenger Stone - facilitating communications from on high - and may also be called the Cosmic Aura stone, due to it's highly ascendant energy. It's the only gem quality - and green - Tektite on the planet, formed from a meteoric impact in the Czech Republic 15 million years ago. All of ours are genuine, and we do mail out a Statements of Authenticity with each purchase. Chain not included, you can contact us with interest, as we have gold-filled chains offline. Length: 40.6cm; Width: 1.4cm; Depth: 1.3cm Weight: 28ct Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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Energy Zones

Source (crown)




Chunk, Floaters (terminated all around, or mostly), Tektite or Impactite


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