Moldavite pendant (rough) ‘curvy column’ w pin bale & leather cord (6.46gr)


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This one is particularly wonderful because of the rich texture of its surfacing. It's called curvy because the back is indented like a hot dog roll, when you take out the hot dog. I also debated calling it a capsule or even cocoon, which the shape evokes as well. Couple of very minor dings. Excellent color! It includes a 32" inch suede leather cord. Moldavite is the Alien Messenger Stone - facilitating communications from on high - and may also be called the Cosmic Aura stone, due to it's highly ascendant energy. It's the only gem quality - and green - Tektite on the planet, formed from a meteoric impact in the Czech Republic 15 million years ago. All of ours are genuine, and we do mail out a Statements of Authenticity with each purchase. Length: 4.1cm; Width: 1.5cm; Depth: 1cm Weight: 32.3ct Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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