Moldavite (rough) 3-sided rabbit-foot (4.68gr) healing crystal


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Reminiscent of other pieces we’ve sold, that look like the paw of a bunny (or cat or dog). This one’s interesting because it’s sort of 3-sided, coming to 3 points lengthwise, but not broken off at either end. Moldavite is the Alien Messenger stone, conveying information from on high. It’s also the only gem quality Tektite in the world, formed from the union of heavenly and earthly bodies 15 million years ago. We do include Statements of Authenticity with each purchase. Length: 3.3cm; Width: 1.1cm; Depth: 1cm Weight: 23.4ct Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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Energy Zones

Source (crown)


Messages from On High


Crystal, Disc, Donut or Pi Stone, Tektite or Impactite


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