Moldavite (rough) ‘Buddha Head two’ (2.9gr)


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Occasionally, a very few stones - never mind Moldavites - resemble statues, in this case a Buddha head standing. Moldavite is the Alien Messenger stone, facilitating communication from on high. So it's natural that it lends itself to this type of form, the memorable head of a revered deity, or spiritual leader. Formed 15 million years ago from the blending of earth and space elements, it's the only so formed Tektite globally, that is gem quality (facetable) and green when back lit. Length: 1.8cm; Width: 1cm; Height: 1.5cm; Depth: 1cm Weight: 14.5ct Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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Energy Zones

Source (crown)




Chunk, Floaters (terminated all around, or mostly), Tektite or Impactite


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