Opal (Australian) cab ‘Night Star’ pendant for necklace healing crystal


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Totally unique – I pointed it out to the jeweler who created this piece circa 2010 – and he was blown away at my eye: to find the 3 lines (a natural inclusion) that look like the North Star in this piece. This could be the first (and only?) piece to merit the name “Star Opal.” We consider precious Opals like this to be Vision stones, connecting us with Creativity and Imagination on a Spiritual Level. An online source suggests it ignites the inner fire of spirituality and divine selfhood. An indentation or “home” was created for this cabochon in a creatively carved matt-finish Black Opal (that looks like a flower bud). Chain is not included, but we do sell them, on our site and offline. Cord is also recommended, as an alternative to metal, for the necklace. Length: 3.8cm; Width: 1.5cm; Height: 1cm Weight: 46ct Origin: Pacific, Australia

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Iridescent, Multi-Colored, Rainbow

Energy Zones

Vision (3rd Eye)


Creativity, Imagination / Creativity, Spiritual, Spiritually Inspiring


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