Opal (Ethiopian) – 14K GOLD pendant for necklace – healing crystal


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Set in 14K solid (lab verified and stamped 58.5%) gold – this half nugget of rough (and precious) Ethiopian Opal has been “opened up” and polished – so that you can see the incredible orange “sun” within (with all its attendant sparkles). We consider precious Opals like this to be Vision stones, connecting us with Creativity and Imagination on a Spiritual Level. An online source suggests it ignites the inner fire of spirituality and divine selfhood. Chain is not included, but we do sell them, on our site and offline. Length: 3.6cm; Width: 2.3cm; Depth: 1cm Weight: 42ct Origin: Africa (Ethiopia)

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Iridescent, Multi-Colored, Rainbow, White

Energy Zones

Vision (3rd Eye)


Creativity, Imagination / Creativity, Spiritual, Spiritually Inspiring


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