Quartz (Celestial) elestial ingot DT healing crystal


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Stunning shard of Celestial Quartz from India. Celestial Quartz is broken off (this one has only one small connection point) or formed in solution. It’s not an Elestial per se, because the shape is more amorphous. And they have a very high energy. What makes it so crazy are the semi-record-keepers on more textured side, which looks almost like an etched Kunzite. Angel Chime sound. Astounding specimen! Open to reasonable Best Offers. Length: 15.2cm; Width: 5.5cm; Depth: 2.3cm Weight: 191.7g (6.76oz) Origin: Central Asia, India

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Energy Zones

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DT's (Double-Terminated Crystals), Elestial formation, Floaters (terminated all around, or mostly)