Quartz (Lemurian) 3-sided (Colombian) Muzo habit (3.05″) healing crystal


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This is the last meaningfully sized 3-sided Lemurian - they're impossible to find - and prized because of their perfect pyramidal qualities. Their points are made up primarily of 3 sides - a tiny point - and the other 3 sides set back. Perfect as a precision wand, 3rd eye piece, or to be made into a pendant. The bottom (last photo) is such high quality that it's totally transparent. The sides are 2 of them clear, and one of them (the biggest, flattest side), a textbook ridged experience. Length: 7.7cm; Width: 2.8cm; Depth: 2.2cm Weight: 38.5g (1.36oz) Origin: Latin America, Colombia

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Crystal / Termination, DT's (Double-Terminated Crystals), Points, Triangular or Pyramidal, Wands (incl. Lasers & Massage tools)

Energy Zones

Source (crown), Channel (conduit)




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