Quartz (Lemurian) cluster style votive candle holder healing crystal

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Lemurians are a rare and special type of Quartz formation explain in a popular blog post on our home site. What makes them unique is their formation – the points and siding – and this special candle holder (candle not included) has got many (if not most/all, arguably) Lemurians assuming that “habit” or shape. At least a half dozen are the mythic 3-sided Muzo formations. They’re all smaller crystals, from .5-1.6+” glued together on some sort of hardened acrylic or other base material. While pretty clear, they’re not all flawless, by any means. Most Quartz is a Channel Energy Stone, Lemurians are Source Energy Zone, and have to do with you assuming the mantle of your own spiritually highest self. Width: 12.2cm; Height: 5.8cm Weight: 386g (13.62oz) Origin: Latin America, Brazil

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