Roman Glass (sea blue) triangle star pendant for necklace healing crystal


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Bold, downward pointing colorful blue triangle with and upward triangle blended into the bold and stylistic 6-pointed star setting. Fits into the A-class categorization, as explained below, and includes 17.5″ chain. This Roman Glass is a unique phenomenon – the best (and only?) jewelry featuring it originates in Israel – where the soil conditions and mineral interactions over the past 2000 years have been optimum for both its preservation and the enhancement of its unique patina (or look and feel). It’s found primarily through archeological digs in Jerusalem itself, and secondarily in Caesarea and other locations. It is then procured by authorized agents, through officially sanctioned auction purchases. The folks I purchased it from all had varying types of authenticity certificates. It is apparently very hard to fake – perhaps not even worth it – but we made certain to purchase only ones we could feel confident were authentic. We are also the first to observe (information can be scant and incomplete online) – and to state that this early blown glass seems to take 3 primary forms – A) having the appearance of colorful, overlapping fragments on the front, with a clearer translucent view of the same piece of glass on the back (or otherwise, a doublet, or possibly resin-filled mold on the back). This is the most immediately recognizable and common variety. It’s unclear whether the term “fragments” – used by suppliers and jewelers on this material – means that the whole piece is one intact fragment, or whether the inset material is a constructed composite of fragments (hard to get a straight answer from them, most simply deny the latter as a possibility). Type B) is solid but etched and with imperfections (including iridescence and complex color play) and I consider it the most rare and extraordinary. Type C) is essentially clear/blue as a modern glass (the least common, and to my mind, the most suspect). Note that we’ve inspected and selected all our pieces with the expectation and confidence that they are all solid pieces, and not manufactured in any way, except to’ve been cut and set as you see them. Ubiquitous buyer instructions recommend NOT wetting (or showering with) the glass – and keeping any polishing chemicals strictly on the silver settings – so as not to discolor or damage the ancient and fragile(?) artifacts. Length: 3.3cm; Width: 2.3cm; Height: .8cm Weight: 36.5ct Origin: Middle East (Israel)

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Blue, Iridescent

Energy Zones

Foundation (below root), Vision (3rd Eye)


Necklaces, Pendants


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