Quartz (Skeletal/Fenster ‘Herkimer’) F-16 ‘twin face’ healing crystal


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Very interesting piece - the strong, glassy twin facing on top are great - but so too is the self healed, cratery bottom, which has a fissure running right up into the center of the piece. Looking down on it, it's 6 sided, but displays nicely as a slightly leaning double generator. The lower point is better formed, with a clean flat ridge, than the upper point. Length measurement is the longest, side to side dimension. I put "Herkimer" in quotes, because it looks just like one, especially to the untrained eye, and has a very similar vibration. Fensters, or Skeletals have internal fracturing, which to us symbolizes Weakness in the Context of Strength. This an ideal stone for folks who are unwell, and seeking to recognize how their larger system is healthier - the whole is stronger - than any compromised subset, or part of the Self. Length: 5.4cm; Width: 4.4cm; Height: 4.8cm Weight: 95g (3.35oz) Origin: Latin America, Mexico

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