Smoky Amethyst Spirit Scepter Quartz point(s), healing crystal


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Spirit Quartz from South Africa is prized - often light purple (the Amethyst variety) - and sometimes yellow or Smoky (literally dark, like smoke) like this one. The point itself is darker, but you can look into the faces (or "facets") and see a "misty lake" inside. Generally, each point is closely encrusted by smaller terminations beneath it, all pointing outward. What makes this different, is that you can see the central point raised up over the smaller ones, like a scepter formation, perched at the end of the clustered crystal. You could set it upright like a thumbnail specimen (using putty), but we like it like this because on one side (the less bristling, milkier side) it actually lies flat on one side. What's good about that is that you can use it as a 3rd Eye stone, resting it on your forehead, particularly when lying down. The spiky siding sends energy in other directions, in addition to being aligned with the primary termination. Length: 3.9cm; Width: 1.8cm; Depth: 1.8cm Weight: 52.5ct Origin: Africa, South Africa

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