Sugilite (rough cut) standing semi-gel slab (76.2gr) healing crystal


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Over half an inch thick (at the thickest) - this is a solid cutting piece - unless you like to collect slabs. The color is rich and not splotchy - the black is limited to veins - and you can see from the light & the side pictured, that if thinned, you can get some great light penetration. Perfect collector's specimen or for cutters, a treasure trove of jewelry could come out of this. The photos are accurate under bright light, of course it gets darker in obscurity. All Sugilite is pretty much old collector material, and it quite hard to find, especially in this quality. Pricing here is just under $10 a gram. Quite a find! Serious inquiries and offers considered. Remember, we have much more OFFline than on, so feel free to Message us so we can post more of interest to you. Open to reasonable Best Offers. Length: 7.5cm; Width: 5.1cm; Height: 4.4cm; Depth: 1.5cm Weight: 63.1g (2.23oz) Origin: Africa, South Africa

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Energy Zones

Voice (aka Throat), Source (crown)




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