Sugilite gel (cabochon) ‘pink rectangle’ (8.78gr) healing crystal


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"The Manifestation Stone" (from Kyle Russell's 'Crystal Energy' book). This is from our first posting of Sugilite cabochons - unusual to find, we're selling them by the box - single, double or triple (see photo for which). We photograph up close and further away, with hand and quarter for size reference. Note that Sugilite is photo-synergistic, so the brighter the light, the richer the color. That's also why our 2nd photo is further, so you see it more muted. They are certainly much darker in low light. We also share only the gram and carat weight for specifications. Make sure it's the one you like, 'cause we're not able to do exchanges or credits. Also be aware that if there's more than one pictured, you're paying half that per piece. Hope these end up in some beautiful jewelry, or simply in your collection. They're decently priced and beautifully worked pieces of Sugilite. FYI, a doublet is a topping of Sugilite, with another material backing it for strength and girth at the base. Oh, and in addition to being good for jewelry, these are great Third Eye pieces, for placement on the forehead during meditation. Length: 3.3cm; Width: 1.9cm; Depth: .5cm Weight: 43.9ct Origin: Africa, South Africa

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Energy Zones

Vision (3rd Eye), Voice (aka Throat), Source (crown)






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