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This vibrant rough periwinkle Tanzanite crystal is a rare and highly valued crystal from Tanzania. We have extra information about the locality of its mining, specifically from Merelani Hills, Lelatema Mountains, in the Manyara region. Virtually all the material we see here has been treated in order to enhance its color, so we cannot promise that this is natural coloring, but we can promise that 98% or more of all the material on the market has been heat-treated. What is hard to get are beautifully formed crystals, which this one certainly is, rising like a steep-sided skyscraper. We also believe that energetically, Tanzanite is a Vision energy zone stone, associated with the subconscious. Comes in its own clear plastic case with locality information. Length: 2.3cm; Width: 1.3cm; Depth: .8cm Weight: 15ct Origin: Africa (Tanzania)

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