Crystals…Why it’s Awesome?! Clear Quartz

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Meant to be part one of a series – a handful of key Quartz varieties are identified and explored – what are their defining characteristics and energetic qualities?

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1 review for Crystals…Why it’s Awesome?! Clear Quartz

  1. Jayeeta Roy

    I need a genuine citrine..I am from Indian that’s why the shipping charges are too high…how will I get the ur crystal s..

    • Kyle Russell

      Hi Jayeeta – Comments are great here, and I’m happy to Reply – but it’s always best to email, to get quicker Reply we can both monitor more easily. That being said, Shipping charges are not TOO high, they are what they are. You just have to be prepared to pay what’s necessary both for the quality pieces and what it costs to get them to you safely. Looking forward to continuing the conversation. Kyle Russell

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