The Manifestation Stone

Mined out mostly in the 1970's and '80's, this exquisite South African stone is becoming increasingly rare and hard to find, particularly in its distinctive hues. Its purple color speaks to matters of Spirit, and yet we've assigned it to the Voice (or Throat Chakra) Energy Zone because of it's association with the Manifestation of your Hopes and Ambitions. This is why we've also included it in our greeting card line with the tag: Good Luck.

We have quantity AND quality, from Pink Gel to Blue Richterite and the dark and rich purples. We specialize in harmonious rough specimens, pendants, earrings, cabochons, and smalls. We also understand how to photograph and present our pieces in different lights, wet, dry, oiled and you really know what you're getting...whether buying online or in person.

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