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Group Presentations, Meditations, and Workshops

Group trainings are possible (in any location) for interested parties (including individuals) as well as Healing Centers, or Organizations who'd like to host events dedicated to Crystal Healing and Energy Work. Of course I do offer group events at my Showroom/Space in Arlington Center but this page is devoted to helping those considering hiring me so please review some sample presentations I offer (and we can flesh out details & alternate directions, if you like): SLIDE SHOWS What is the Crystal Concentrics Paradigm for Crystal Healing (could fan out into any number of sub-topics) A Guided Pinterest tour: Classification & Appreciation of the Mineral World (a layman's perspective) The Stone Legacy of Nature & Great Civilizations (as view of our solid rock foundations, from Machu Picchu & Rome to the Galapagos Islands) CRYSTAL EDUCATION CLASSES & WORKSHOPS Guided Meditation Sessions (from 30-90 minutes), with individuals, small & large groups Crystals Demystified explains the Language of Crystals Wonders of Quartz explores the entire Chakra System with Quartz only The Crystal Heart all about the primary Heart Chakra stones the list goes on, lots of curriculum possibilities! Be in touch (email:, so we can discuss what might work best for you and yours


Crystal Readings / Wellness Sessions

The quickest way for us to get acquainted and consider work together, is to book a Crystal Reading & Wellness Session (by phone, or in person). If you'd like to book me at your event to provide this service, let me know. You can learn a lot more about that that means here at this blog link: click here to learn more


Individual Sessions

Although I spend most of my time as a Vendor and Educator ~ my start was with treatments, 30+ years ago ~ and I continue to offer private Crystal Healing sessions to individuals in need of that special attention only one-on-one work can bring. I truly enjoy focusing all my knowledge in serving you personally. It can also valuable to bring in a friend or partner, to be part of the process. If you're not much for words read no further I can assure you: Crystal Sessions are relaxing, grounding, enlightening, and regenerative. PHILOSOPHY regarding how I can help, in good times and in bad. We all begin with ourselves our state of being is key. When we're healthy in Mind & Body, we overflow with life energy. We may lack perspective, or want to more fully savor and appreciate our good fortune. I can help with that. Wherever you're at, I can take you higher, deeper, and further on your journey. If you're like me, you're unable to scratch your own back (or think outside the box sometimes). When lost (unfocused) or unwell, we become ungrounded, or do we become unwell as a result of being ungrounded? The possibilities and explanations are limitless, and some may never be uncovered. One thing's for sure, we can become susceptible to unwanted energies from within and outside of ourselves. In this way, dis-ease and disease are welcomed into the body and mind. Stress is ever present in our modern world. Maybe it's always been the scourge of existence. Life ain't easy. And then there's the process of dis-integration that begins almost from birth, or certainly after we reach maturity. Old age often takes from us all the strength and joy we may have known in our prime. And that's not even counting traumas or setbacks we may have suffered in our lives thus far. However, we're not islands, and that can be a good thing. Especially when it comes to healing work - it's hard to do it all ourselves - so we're lucky if we can rely on the input and energy of 'others' (be they friends and healers, sentimental objects even drugs and medications) and it can be okay for us to count on those influencers to help shape, or make sense of our destiny. Sooner or later, there will come times when an infusion of fresh Spiritual energy, a safe space to regenerate (relax!), or to explore themes and challenges we all face is a welcome breath of fresh air. I would be honored to provide that for you! WHAT TO EXPECT Crystal Wellness Sessions can touch on any or all of the above, minus the ingestion of substances. I do have a history with Western Medicine, having had Cancer twice. I believe diet has a lot to do with our well-being, and I've modified mine a great deal over the years. My wife, Nina Manolson specializes in working with women over 40, with regards to their journey and experience of both Nourishment and Body. Some people simply want a Personal Learning Session (and that's fine). I've done that many times. I'm happy to let you pick my brain and for me to give you individual instruction regarding what I know about Crystals. Most people are looking to take more full advantage of the opportunity, by accepting the invitation into a deeper Spiritual Collaboration. Our Spirit Work, as I call it in this context begins with a discussion of your present situation what is happening for you right now. What's been dogging you What are your hopes and dreams, in terms of where you'd like support, or to have your Life Energy be moving While we may begin seated face to face, as in a conventional counseling session, I usually prefer to sit askance and behind you. I've found it's a useful part of the process of getting past one's social facade, and allowing the SubConscious to step more fully into the Co-Pilot's seat. I generally sit cross-legged on the floor, you in a chair or back jack. Either beginning earlier in the session or now, I choose and hand you specific stones to enhance and support you each step of the way. For example, we might start with a calming stone, and then move on to one that facilitates the expression of feelings. Throughout, there is Sacred Safe Space, an important prerequisite for Holistic Healing. It's important that you feel unthreatened, liberated from the usual pressures of life. I often concretize this boundary with what I call "equilibrium stones" or sticks that mark out and segregate your personal space. I used to (and could still) burn Sage (or a candle) if it's allowed and basic hand drumming may be called for, but mostly using sticks, rattles, and bells/bowls will suffice as a way to clear the space and prepare us for new energies to come in. Our exploration of your internal world leads you through a journey towards greater understanding and fulfillment of your expressed (or as-yet un-accessed) life intention(s) those which your Spirit Guides (within and/or outside of you) have in store for that special person called you. I believe we all have a destiny we're moving towards, and this type of work can help you see that Vision more clearly. A progression happens often holding singles or pairs of stones which move you from one place to another towards greater grounding, positivity, and energy whichever direction makes sense and feels right for you at the time. About a quarter of the way through the session, clients usually go from sitting to lying down, assuming their open to that. There is an internal logic to the session, a destination or process, and a resolution. It is a partnership though not something done TO you but WITH you. Full inclusion, cooperation and participation make the process that much more effective. Ideally, you leave the session (lasting 15-90 minutes, depending on how in-depth we go) with a renewed sense of Self, having learned, maybe realized (or experienced) something that will aid you on the path, wherever that may ultimately lead. Often, multiple sessions are recommended (at least 2-3). It's up to you. But always, when you remember your session, realize that it's a resource that you can draw on afterwards. I take photos of the stones we use and on the longer sessions, I write up a summary, which I can then email you. Our healing power lies within the trick to successful treatment is the teamwork it takes in bringing it out. Book a session, in person or maybe by phone distance is not necessarily a problem by simply emailing



In addition to the Educational and Wellness offerings above, I am also able to help you with some more uncommon requests: LIFE TRANSITIONS / RITUALS OF PASSAGE including coming of age, preparation for travel, coping with illness, death, etc. LONG DISTANCE HEALING through time and space, including the dead or no longer cognizant, relationships from afar.



PHILOSOPHY I don't publish specific prices on Crystals anywhere online but at Nor do I post my Rates for Services online - but suffice it to say, given my expertise - sessions can run into the hundreds. Remember, whatever the rate, that I'm putting several hours into our work together, so what might seem like a high hourly rate actually comes down, all things considered. That being said, I have $40 options for brief consultations. Please think not in terms of what will this cost me but rather what is it I'm trying to do with this opportunity and where would I like to be, coming out of this experience. You can't know, necessarily, what the outcome of our work together will be. But you can be sure that I will be specifically attuned to you and your Spirit for the duration of our work together. There is no laying on of hands, but it's absolutely a hands-on process, not passive at all though if you are incapacitated (or we are working long distance, or on someone who's passed on) progress can still be made in most circumstances. Our biggest challenges are Defensiveness, Resistance, and the many Obstacles to Wellness each of us faces. My goal is to accelerate (or jump-start) the process of your own personal development or whatever Spiritual movement (energy-shift) we are trying to effect wherever that takes us. It's not random or whimsical, it's very practical, and related to the underlying experience and missions of your Soul in this Life. That has implications for your Relationships (including to Self), Work, and Satisfaction in general. Please keep in mind, as you do consider my rates - we can go back and forth in crafting something that works for you via phone and/or email - that I have rental expenses of my own; communication & transportation costs the usual business overhead. Plus, there's the considerable amount I have invested in the Crystals themselves. This is not just what I've outlaid for my purchasable selection (which pays for itself) but also the many thousands of dollars I've spent in developing the substantial collection of Session Crystals that never get sold. These Power Stones are "parked" permanently for individual work, Meditations & Workshops. Think museum quality but from a Metaphysical perspective and you get to touch them (instead of having them stuck behind glass). Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there's my own experience & expertise (with people and the stones), which is important to honor as we work towards our common goals together. DIFFERENCES & BENEFITS This work is not like my experience of Acupuncture though of course practitioners vary in style where I might place needles in you, and then leave you alone in a room for an hour (though I know that can have its benefits). I am engaged with you the whole time whether in a short or long session which is quite social and connecting. Theoretically, I could prescribe certain stones tell you to go buy them (as I've often heard some advisers do) or leave you with them, to absorb what they have to give you. Instead, our back-and-forth engagement including an ongoing inquiry into how you're feeling and what you're grappling with is more satisfying, and I think, nourishing. In general, my approach is quite different from what you may have read in what I call the existing Crystal lore(see my Crystal Myths, Divergence of Vision: A Challenge to the Existing Crystal Lore webinar). I have my own philosophies but there is an internal logic that,once you grock it will be easy to apply immediately to your own life. Everything we do will be intuitive and make sense, so you don't have to worry about any disconnect between what we're doing and what we're working on. You might find it helpful in general to review the Benefits of this type of work.

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