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I wanted to express to you, the wonderful experience I had at your meditation class last week in Arlington, MA. Also all the powerful energy I received from you and your amazing collection of Power Stone Crystals & Artifacts. I love my Apophyllite stone I purchased, it gives me a feeling in my soul, unlike any other feeling I have experienced thus far, it was calling me from the first time I saw it at the meditation (it was mine). I know that as I continue to be part of your ongoing classes, I will feel more energy in my body and soul as I continue my journey. The power/energy I receive from the Apophyllite stone is just the beginning.
In addition, I would like to add that I loved being around like minded people, and hearing feedback from everyone in the class, it gave me an opportunity to get out of my everyday ups and downs of life and this event allowed me to center on myself and do what I need, to heal and ignite my connection to Soul. I am also very excited to book a private session with you; you have such a great energy and kindness about you from the very first time I contacted you on Facebook months ago.
Kyle, you are truly a Genuine Gem!
Filled with Gratitude and Love,

Jeannie Cappiello Intuitive Counselor, Artist, and Fashion Jewelry Designer August 26, 2015

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I had never met Kyle before and wasn’t sure what to expect from the evening workshop of crystals and meditation.I didn’t have to wonder for very long because Kyle has an amazing way of gathering up all the loose energy in a room and bringing it together in a peaceful, calm, and warm manner. He is so approachable and knowledgeable that I immediately liked and felt comfortable with him. He spent time with each of us individually and as a group, asking us what issues in our lives we felt we needed help with, and recommending a crystal. I still carry those stones with me each day, and plan on attending every event Kyle holds that I can!

Sheri Isenstein August 26, 2015


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I just recently had the pleasure of attending one of Kyle’s Crystal Meditation classes. I was very uncertain as to what we were going to do, but arrived with an open mind.

Kyle had displayed a large collection of his crystals to look through and hold as people arrived. The collection was very impressive, and gave everyone a chance to talk to each other and learn a little about each person’s knowledge and experience with crystals.

When the class began we all sat in a circle on the floor around a beautiful Moroccan rug. Kyle passed around a beautiful large Jade crystal ball and explained some of the properties of it. He then formed a pattern with a variety of large crystals in the center of the rug to help focus our energy in meditation.

His passion and knowledge regarding the crystals and their properties was very evident. He facilitated a safe and loving environment, in which all of us felt comfortable to speak freely about our interest in crystals and meditation, and what brought us to this type of event.
We did two short meditations, one in the beginning of our circle and one at the end. We all were given the chance to hold a crystal of our choice during the meditation.

I found the event to be very enjoyable and peaceful. I look forward to attending the next event, and look forward to learning more about crystals and how they can be used to enhance our lives. I would recommend this event to others.

Aubrey Thompson, M.S. FDN CMTA Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach August 26, 2015

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I met Kyle at the Boston Yoga Chant Fest in October. I was really drawn to his stones and crystals. I learned he was offering classes and made a mental note that I wanted to come. I have been doing a lot of traveling in the last half year and none of the events were at a time I was able to come. Last week, Kyle had scheduled an event and I said I am coming! I really didn’t really know exactly what he had planned.

I came to the room and began to meet the other people who had come. I was still feeling a little out of place and not sure what to do but the group really started coming together as if we were all drawn to come here and share with each other on a deep level, each in our own way bringing our own special gifts to the group.

I still can’t explain it, but being in the presence of Kyle with his crystals and stones and the space he created for us to dwell in for a few hours was just a real blessing for me. How can sitting with a ruby make you feel so much better about being alive? It’s a mystery that may never be explained but part of me says just trust it.

D.S. August 26, 2015


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Got the wand today, Kyle!!! It’s gorgeous!! Thank you so much!!

Kaye A. Colorado August 26, 2015

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I GOT IT!!!! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you 🙂
I was thrilled to hear that I was going to be getting the Irradiated Quartz. It looks just like the pictures! After I had made my payment the quartz arrived the NEXT DAY! I wasn’t expecting it for at least a couple of days! I look forward to future buys knowing that any and all questions will be answered in a timely matter and I will receive my purchase quickly in proper shipping material! Thanks again for that quartz! Love, love, love it 🙂

T. Stanley Southern California August 26, 2015



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I try and make all your webinars. You have a refreshing take on crystal energy and I appreciate the perspective shift. You don't just follow what the books say or go with what every other name in Crystals says. All your work with the stones is based on your own meditation, your own work. For instance, you put Smoky Quartz in the Heart center...where almost everyone else says it's a Root, Grounding stone. You have your own experiences with the stones and it's these experiences that guide what you speak. It's allowed me to be more intuitive with my work as well...and I have a DT smoky elestial, self healed crystal that insists on being over my heart center. It has the most lovely energy. You really have to sit with a crystal and let it tell you how you will work best together. And to me, you do this well.

Angela B., Crystal Healer (Iowa) May 13, 2017



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Love the way you explain. It's very informative. Thank you.

Sunita Gopal May 13, 2017

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I love your channel! very informing and your collection is amazing!

Maria Luisa May 13, 2017